Our surgical pathology lab performs the following services:

  • Diagnostic Surgical Pathology with 24 hour turnaround in normal situations. Some special cases will require special stains and testing that will require more time.
  • Special Histochemistry
  • Immunohistochemistry

Our cytopathology lab performs the following services:

  • Liquid Based Paps and conventional paps
  • HPV, CT/NG (Chlamydia Trachomatis/ Neisseria Gonorrhoeae), HSV (Herpes Simple type I and II) on liquid paps with the option of plus adjunct tests, reflex on ASCUS, and stand alone
  • Fine needle aspirations
  • Urine Cytology

Reference Laboratory Services:

In addition to the wide range of tests conducted onsite, we have mutual business agreements with several reference laboratories. Referring labs perform flow cytometry analysis, cytogenetics, fluorescent in-stu hybridization, and molecular testing.


CPA establishes a benchmark of completing the processing and analysis of the surgical specimens within 24 hours of receipt. Some complex cases that require special stains and consultation will vary in turnaround time. In addition, Cytology results are reported within 5 days. In addition to individual cytology reports, your office is provided with a monthly cytology summary of cases.

Upon your request, reports can be sent multiple ways via fax, courier, telephone, or auto-print. Contact the Client Services Rep (Noel Jorgensen 434-654-5525 or [email protected] ) if you would like to discuss which reporting option is best suited for your office.


4Medica is a seamless link between patient lab test results and clinical care. Martha Jefferson Hospital has contracted with 4medica to help connect our lab with referring physician offices.

Many offices are adopting, researching, and contracting to obtain EMRs. Charlottesville Pathology and Martha Jefferson Hospital have invested substantial resources into making that transition easy for our clients. 4medica is a crucial part of this connection but must be interfaced with the each EMR. In order to build the interface, there must be communication between contacts at 4medica, the physician office, and the EMR company. Once the interface is built, results reporting and order entry can be done in the office and be electronically connected to your patient’s record.


Charlottesville Pathology Associates has a network of reliable couriers available to make daily visits to your office and to provide special pick-ups when you have STAT situations. These couriers are limited to a regional area. For practices outside of this area, supplies for shipping specimens will be provided. Couriers may transport specimens, deliver reports, fill supplies, or field questions. In any case, the couriers fulfill your needs with courtesy and efficiency.


Charlottesville Pathology Associates provides the medical offices with all the supplies that are needed for collection and transportation of anatomic specimens. Supplies can be filled by calling the laboratory, informing the courier, printing/faxing a supply order form off the website, or contacting the client service representative.