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Martha Jefferson Hospital Laboratory Services

Fall 2019

Quarterly Newsletter on Charlottesville Pathology Website

This newsletter is from the Laboratory and will be distributed on a quarterly basis. It contains important information and news briefs concerning laboratory services. In addition to normal distribution, each issue will be posted at www.cvillepathology.net under the News Brief section.

Sentara Laboratory Services/Women’s Health HPT Congenital CMV SBAR

Situation: A new law was passed in Virginia that requires Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV) screening be performed on all neonates that fail their hearing screen.

Background: Congenital CMV infection is a leading cause of sensorineural hearing loss and is responsible for an estimated 15%–25% of all clinically significant hearing loss among U.S. children. The congenital CMV screening test is performed by PCR via send out laboratories for infants 21 days of age or less. Infants older than 21 days will need to have CMV Early Antigen testing performed.

Assessment: Neonates that fail their hearing tests should be screened for cCMV.

Recommendation: An orange top COPAN FloqSwab w/ teal label should be obtained from the lab and used to collect a buccal (cheek) swab sample from the neonate by swabbing the inner cheek with the provided swab.

Swabs can be obtained by calling the main lab at each local facility.

The infant must not have been breastfed within an hour before collection as it interferes with the assay.

The collected swab should be stored and transported in the collection tube.

A lab type-in should be ordered with the following test name: CMV PCR Congenital

An orderable test in Epic should be available on August 5th

The turnaround time is typically less than 1 day after receipt at the reference laboratory.

Abnormal PAP Smear Results

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Laboratory is interfaced with multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in physician offices via 4medica. To assist our Outpatient Clients in identifying abnormal PAP Smear results, all abnormal PAP Smear reports will display “ABNORMAL” at the top of the 4medica result report and will discretely display as abnormal in the 4medica application. This is an interim fix as IT continues to work to highlight abnormal results in red. Please contact Cytology at 654-7188 or Noel Jorgensen, Charlottesville Pathology Associates client services representative at 654-5525 with questions.

Commission on Cancer Accreditation

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Laboratory Services is a critical member of a cancer patient’s clinical team. This year was the 7th year of accreditation for the SMJH Cancer team as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center! Great job to the whole team!

Senior Technologist List

For your reference, below is the current list of Senior Technologists in SMJH Lab Services and their departments. Feel free to call them with questions at 434-654-7170.

Erin Allen Hematology

Megan Sweeney Chemistry

Jessi Jones Infusion Center

Daisy Banuelos FSED

Shirley Jenkins Microbiology

Laura Ewart 3-11

Geoff Jackson Phlebotomy

Matt Gardner Blood Bank

Amy Carter Histology

Ann Lewis Cytology

Greg McAdam Coag/Serology/


Blood Bank Analyzer

SMJH Blood Services has a new analyzer in the blood bank, Echo Lumena.

This analyzer completes faster type and screens by 10 minutes.

Billing Phone Number for Cville Path

Healthpro Medical Billing is Charlottesville Pathology’s professional billing company. Call Healthpro with billing questions at 1-866-223-6316.


Every specimen should come to the lab with the following accompanying the specimen:

· complete insurance and demographics

· 2 patient identifiers (full name and DOB)

· DX Code 

Employee Spotlight

Victoria Hicks-HTL (ASCP)

- Trained at Sentara Rockingham Memorial School of Histotechnology

- BS in Biology (Human Emphasis) from Old Dominion University

- 2+ yrs. of experience Histology

Victoria enjoys histology because it is a skillful art that not only requires extensive knowledge, but also requires attention to detail, a steady hand, and a ton of practice.

Visit the Charlottesville Pathology Associates website at:




o Need lab results from the Clinical Lab call 654-7170 or fax 654-7164.

o Need lab results from the Anatomic Pathology Lab 654-7955 or fax 654-7944.

o AP Client Services Representative, Noel Jorgensen, at 654-5525.

The next Nanogram newsletter will be Winter 2020 distributed in January 2020.