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Martha Jefferson Hospital Laboratory Services

Fall 2018

Quarterly Newsletter on Charlottesville Pathology Website

This newsletter is from the Laboratory and will be distributed on a quarterly basis. It contains important information and news briefs concerning laboratory services. In addition to normal distribution, each issue will be posted at www.cvillepathology.net under the News Brief section.

SMJH Laboratory Hosts Many Students for Training throughout the Year

SMJH Laboratory Services is committed to promoting and educating future laboratory professionals. Throughout the year, our staff participates and the hospital hosts many students that are seeking further education and a career in lab sciences.

 Here is a list of Lab Services contributions to this education.

• SMJH is a host hospital for one Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital (SRMH) Medical Technology student per semester. (A semester runs from November– May and June to November.)

• SMJH is a host hospital for the SRMH Phlebotomy training.

• SMJH is a host hospital to one Histology technologist from the SRMH Histology program each year.

• SMJH Central Testing does various phlebotomy training for the Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) phlebotomy program and for some of the new nursing hires at SMJH.

• SMJH Cytology has participated in the ODU Cytotechnology Program by having one or two students a year for a month each to complete a comprehensive Cytology rotation including screening GYN Pap slides, FNAs, NonGyns and other cytology skills including specimen processing and cover slipping.

• In addition, we have had several Laboratory personnel teach at the above mentioned programs.

SMJH will continue to support these programs. We are proud of our contributions and have benefited by hiring many of the students that we have trained for both Histotechs and Medical Technologists. If you have interest in any of these programs, please contact the lab and you can be directed to the program management. 

Safety Fair at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

One of the SMJH Laboratory Safety Coaches, Jill Livingood MT (ASCP), worked a display at the fair that took place in the main lobby of the hospital on October 5th.

The lab safety booth was about safety coaches and their teams using their eyes to help identify safety issues and to pay attention to safety details. The booth also promoted the:

5 Safety Habits

Pay Attention to Detail

Communicate Clearly

Have a Questioning Attitude

Handoff Effectively

Never Leave Your Wingman

REMINDER: Instructions for Collecting a Stool Specimen

Please share with patients that you are sending home to collect specimen and return to SMJH with the specimen. 

1. The best specimen is a fresh diarrheal stool. Specimens obtained with mineral oil, bismuth, or magnesium compounds are unsatisfactory for Ova & Parasite evaluation. 

2. Collect stool specimen in clean, dry, plastic stool container. Stool may be collected in a clean bedpan and transferred to the collection container (avoid contamination with urine, soaps or disinfectants). 

Pediatric specimens may be collected in a disposable diaper worn inside out (with the plastic covering against the child) and the specimen transferred to the collection container.

3. Specimens should be clearly labeled with the following information:

Patient’s name

Patient’s date of birth

Date of collection ***** ON EACH BOTTLE*****

Time of collection.

The laboratory will refuse any specimen that is not labeled correctly

4. Specimens MUST be delivered to the SMJH Laboratory as soon as possible.

5. When transportation of the specimen will be delayed, use the Para-Pak Enteric Transport System for collection of stool cultures. Use the Para-Pak MF Fixative collection kit for Ova & Parasites (O&P) specimens. Stool for WBC cannot be put in preservative, use clean specimen cup. Clostridium difficile must be collected in a clean specimen cup (return to MJH Laboratory within 24 hours of collection).

If you have questions, please contact the lab at 434-654-7170. 

Ordering HPV on Medicare Patients Reminders

Cytology Services at SMJH Laboratory would like to remind offices and providers that Medicare rarely pays for HPV on patients. Advance Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) are needed if HPV is ordered on a Medicare patient. 

Other notes about HPV and Medicare:

• Cytology can’t print ABNs with HPV on it (so it has to be handwritten on the ABN).

• If HPV is requested on a Medicare patient, Cytology needs a signed ABN submitted with the specimen with HPV added. 

Please contact Cytology if you have any questions at 434-654-7188. 

Outpatient Questionnaire in Central Testing for 2018

Laboratory Services conducted their 2018 Outpatient Questionnaire during the summer. The results of the 3 question survey are below. Well done Central Testing!

Did your phlebotomist ask your name and date of birth? 99%

Did your phlebotomist label your tubes in your presence? 99%

Did you receive courteous and professional treatment from your laboratory staff? 100%

BioPlex Analyzer

As of July 2018, the following tests are performed on the BioPlex analyzer at SMJH: 

LAB 4475 ANA comprehensive Panel


LAB4069 Scleroderma

LAB4022 JO1

If you have any questions, please call the laboratory at 434-654-7170.

DNV Survey

Congratulations to the SMJH staff! Our team did very well on our DNV survey that was conducted on August 30 and 31. One of the surveyors noted, “SMJH is one of the best hospitals I’ve ever been to and I don’t say that very often.” Great job by the entire Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital team!

Important Telephone Numbers

o Need lab results from the Clinical Lab call 654-7170 or fax 654-7164.

o Need lab results from the Anatomic Pathology Lab 654-7955 or fax 654-7944.

o AP Client Services Representative, Noel Jorgensen, at 654-5525.

The next Nanogram newsletter will be Winter 2019 distributed in January 2019.