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Martha Jefferson Hospital Laboratory Services

Summer 2018

Quarterly Newsletter on Charlottesville Pathology Website

This newsletter is from the Laboratory and will be distributed on a quarterly basis. It contains important information and news briefs concerning laboratory services. In addition to normal distribution, each issue will be posted at www.cvillepathology.net under the News Brief section.

Lead Testing

This is a reminder to medical offices and healthcare providers about the specifics of lead test ordering. Below are the 2 lead tests that are orderable through EPIC. 

LAB0323 - Pediatric Lead test

Acceptable specimen types:

• Lavender EDTA microtainer/capillary tube – performed at SMJH Lab OR

• Dark Blue EDTA blood tube collected via venipuncture - Referenced to LabCorp for testing

LAB98 – Adult Lead test

• Specimen type: venipuncture in a Dark Blue EDTA blood tube.

• Referenced to LabCorp for testing

• The tube type descriptor for this lab test says “DK BLUE”

ANA Antibodies

 On April 10, 2018 Sentara Martha Jefferson Lab started in house testing of the ANA Antibodies with Reflex (LAB4281). The previous ANA screen that may be in the physician’s preference list is LAB147 ANA by IFA which is sent to SNGH. Questions, please call 654-7170.

Successful AABB Blood Bank Inspection

On May 23, 2018 Caroline Immel from University of North Carolina Medical System, Chapel Hill inspected the blood banks at SMJH Transfusion Services. She stated the Transfusion Services as a whole was very impressive and SMJH Blood Bank was accredited for another 2 years! Great job to those working in the blood bank at SMJH.

Inspections in 2018

DNV/ISO (Det Norske Veritas) inspection will be 3rd Quarter of 2018

CAP (College of American Pathologists) inspection will be 4th Quarter of 2018.

Swab Reminder

This is a reminder to those healthcare providers who collect specimens via swabs. All swabs are scored and can be broken off so the proper length swab remains in the tube. This helps to make sure the lab gets the absolute best specimen from the collection.

Senior Technologist List

For your reference, below is the current list of Senior Technologists and their departments. Feel free to call them with questions by calling the lab at 434-654-7170.

Erin Allen Hematology

Megan Sweeney Chemistry

Jessi Jones Infusion Center

Daisy Banuelos FSED

Shirley Jenkins Microbiology

Laura Ewart 3-11

Geoff Jackson Phlebotomy

Matt Gardner Blood Bank

Erik Keller Histology

Ann Lewis Cytology

Greg McAdam Coag/Serology/Urinalysis

Label Reminder

In the effort to increase workflow and speed of processing and resulting, we are asking providers that submit tube specimens to make note of the location of the label. The specimen label should be placed with name closest to the cap .  This placement allows the tubes to be placed in rack and the last name to be seen at the top. Thanks for your help.

Dr. R. Hunt MacMillan’s Retirement

R. Hunt Macmillan III, MD retired from the medical staff at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital and Charlottesville Pathology Associates on June 30, 2018 after 30 years of practice. He was the medical director of the lab for many years. The lab gave a fond farewell to Dr. Mac (as many referred to him) during a laboratory luncheon that was attended by many colleagues, management personnel, and lab team members. SMJH Lab Services wishes him enjoyable retirement years doing the things that make him the happiest! We will miss him and appreciate his many years of work here at the hospital.

Lab Week Awards and Recognition for 2018

In April, Sentara Martha Jefferson Lab Services celebrated National Laboratory Professionals week with lots of activities for the lab team members. Every year the laboratory team takes this time to honor some of the lab members that have shown exceptional work ethic, teamwork, lab technology skills, and general appreciation for the lab industry and how it contributes to the medicine that is practiced at SMJH. All of the honorees are listed below with their pictures. These 4 individuals were voted by their co-workers to receive these honors. Congrats to them for a job well done! Menk Award Winner: Jeanne Sam. Co-Rookies of the Year: Frank Simmons and Jing Hou. Lab Person of the Year: Sheila Reed. 

Important Telephone Numbers

o Need lab results from the Clinical Lab call 654-7170 or fax 654-7164.

o Need lab results from the Anatomic Pathology Lab 654-7955 or fax 654-7944.

o AP Client Services Representative, Noel Jorgensen, at 654-5525.

The next Nanogram newsletter will be Fall 2018 distributed in October 2018.