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FAQ for Providers

Q-What are the lab hours?

The hours 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. On call services are available 24/7.

Q-Who do I call if I have questions about billing issues?

Healthpro Medical Billing handles the billing for Charlottesville Pathology. They can be reached at their toll free telephone number, 1-866-223-6316. Our Customer Service Representative, Noel Jorgensen, can always be contacted to answer billing questions at 434-654-5525.

Q-How do I reach the pathologists?

A-The pathologists at Charlottesville Pathology take pride in making themselves available to their referring physicians and patients. All of the pathologists can be reached by calling the laboratory at 654-7955.

Q-How do I reach Histology and Cytology?

A-The Histology phone number is 654-7188 and the Cytology phone number is 654-7775.

Q-How do I get supplies?

A-CPA provides the medical offices with all the supplies that are needed for collection and transportation of anatomic specimens. Supplies can be filled by calling the laboratory, informing the courier, downloading a supply order form off the website and faxing it over, or contacting the client service representative.

Q-How do I get the specimens to the lab?

A-CPA has a network of reliable couriers available to make daily visits to your office and to provide special pick-ups when you have STAT situations. These couriers are limited to a regional area. For practices outside of this area, supplies for shipping specimens will be provided. Couriers may transport specimens, deliver reports, fill supplies, or field questions. In any case, the couriers fulfill your needs with courtesy and efficiency.