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Charlottesville Pathology Associates, PLC has a deep-rooted history with Martha Jefferson Hospital. The early stages of pathology at Martha Jefferson developed from a close affiliation with University of Virginia and a pathologist at that facility, Frank B. Sloop Jr, MD. After spending time between UVA and MJH, Dr. Sloop decided to focus his pathology efforts on one institution by chartering Charlottesville Pathology Associates, Limited (CPA, Ltd.) in 1979 to provide pathology services to Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Once finishing his surgical pathology fellowship at UVA, R. Hunt MacMillan III, MD joined Dr. Sloop in 1988 to build the practice. In 1989 Dr. Sloop passed away and Dr. MacMillan purchased CPA, Ltd. from Dr. Sloop’s estate. At this time, Dr. MacMillan became the Laboratory Medical Director at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Dr. MacMillan practiced for 2 years until 1991 when Thomas Dudley, MD joined CPA, Ltd. following his training at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN. The 2 pathologists created CPA, PLC in 1994 and continued providing pathology services to MJH. As the practice and the hospital grew, it was apparent that the group needed to expand. The expansion consisted of bringing an additional pathologist into the group--Laura Spinelli, MD in 2001 offering subspecialty expertise in Hematopathology and Cytopathology.  Dr. Thomas Dudley retired in 2017 and Dr. Hunt MacMillan retired in 2018.   Dr. J. Tyler Green joined the practice in the summer of 2017 after practicing in Georgia for a couple years.  Dr. Chelsea Gottlieb joined the practice in Summer of 2019 after completing her training at University of Virginia.

Currently, Charlottesville Pathology Associates, PLC is a well-rounded pathology practice consisting of 3 physicians with extensive general surgical pathology experience and significant subspecialty expertise. The group enjoys the longstanding relationship with Martha Jefferson Hospital that has allowed both organizations to grow and provide patients within the community with superior healthcare.