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My Contacts


Martha Jefferson Hospital Laboratory

500 Martha Jefferson Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Phone 434- 654-7955

Fax 434-654-7944


  Mrs. Noel Jorgensen Client Services Rep  
    Office: 434-654-5525  
    Cell: 434-806-6273  
    Fax: 434-654-7944  

  Email the Pathologists    
  Dr. Chelsea Gottlieb  
  Dr. Laura Spinelli  
  Dr. J. Tyler Green  




For Dates of Service After Dec 31, 2017

Healthpro Medical Billing
Healthpro started our billing on Jan 1, 2018.   There is a toll free line dedicated to answering your questions at 1-866-223-6316.

You must have billing statement to use the website for payment.
Hours of Operation:   Monday -Friday  8am -5pm EST