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Benefits of Using CPA

Charlottesville Pathology Associates is focused on providing the highest level of diagnostic services well beyond client’s expectations. Service is how we differentiate ourselves in a lab market that is saturated with numerous facilities. We realize that our clients have a choice, and we want them to select our lab because we offer unbeatable services. This service is based on comfortable, reliable relationships between our lab and offices which enhance communication and help provide the best care for patients.

Specific benefits of using CPA are listed below.

High Quality

  • Subspecialty Expertise
  • 30+ years of combined experience among the 3 Pathologists
  • 90+ yrs of combined experience among 3 Cytology staff members and 4 Histology staff members
  • You are one of 253 clients rather than one of hundreds of thousands
  • Consultation call directly from our Pathologists for cases with abnormalities or unexpected findings

Continuity of Care

  • Reach any one of our Pathologists with a simple phone call without navigating through a complicated, impersonal telephone system
  • Same 3 Pathologists review all specimens
  • Our Pathologists live in the community and know that every specimen is attached to a person who could be their friend or neighbor.
  • Our Pathologists coordinate the data of multiple doctors and act as a hub to gather information on patients to ensure the best care

Billing Detail and Expertise

  • Experienced billing service, Healthpro Medical Billing, accepts responsibility of obtaining payment from your patients and third-party payers.
  • Healthpro will file any/all insurance claims directly to insurance carriers.
  • Toll free phone line with extended hours set up to handle your billing questions

Personal Service

  • Our Pathologists have a long standing relationship with the physicians, community, and offices
  • Client Service Representative, Mrs. Noel Jorgensen, acts as a liaison and helps to identify your needs
  • Overall ability to be flexible to your needs
  • Outstanding turnaround time to provide the best patient care