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Cytology: General Information

The Cytology Laboratory, located in Martha Jefferson Hospital, evaluates specimens from various body sites for the detection of benign conditions, precancerous and cancerous abnormalities. The laboratory is located at 500 Martha Jefferson Drive ground floor, Charlottesville, VA 22911. Hours of operation are 8am until 5pm, Monday through Friday. The telephone number is (434) 654 7775, and the fax number is (434) 654 7776.

Specimens are received at Martha Jefferson Hospital Cytology Laboratory from physician offices and hospital clinical services, either hand-delivered by physician staff, routed to Cytology via the main (Clinical) Laboratory, by courier pickup or by commercial package delivery service. Specimens are registered, accessioned, processed, stained, and submitted to cytotechnologists for initial screening. Cytology strives to maintain a turn-around time for gynecologic specimens of five business days, and for non-gynecologic specimens of two business days. Cytotechnologists will screen specimens requested for “STAT” review within 24 hours of receipt in the laboratory.

All specimens submitted for Cytologic evaluation should be accompanied by a completed Cytology requisition.Non-gynecologic specimens submitted for Cytology and additional studies outside the Cytology lab (i.e. detection of microorganisms, cell count, special studies) should be accompanied by completed Cytology requisition and appropriate additional requisition(s) and initially submitted to the main Clinical Laboratory. These specimens will be routed appropriately for the testing requested. The clinician should notify a pathologist to make necessary arrangements for processing when special requests or handling are indicated.