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Occasionally, patients express questions regarding what a pathologist does and what services are covered by his fees. Your doctor may obtain blood, fluid, and tissue samples and request pathology studies as part of your care and management. This request constitutes your personal physician's endorsement that services be provided to you by another physician, in this case a pathologist. This same holds true if you are hospitalized and have surgery and/or diagnostic tests. Your surgical specimen and some laboratory tests will require examination by a pathologist who will render a diagnostic interpretation to be used by your doctor for which a fee is charged.

For procedures performed at MJH, you will receive two bills. One bill is from Charlottesville Pathology Associates which represents the pathologist's fee for professional services. The other bill is from MJH and covers the technical component of handling and processing the specimen. For procedures performed at your physician's office, you will receive one bill that will include professional charges for the pathologists and technical charges for the hospital.

Please review the FAQ for Patients for more information.

Billing Contact

Charlottesville Pathology Associates accepts the responsibility to obtain payment from patients and their insurance companies. Healthpro Medical Billing is our billing organization that files all the claims, deals with patient questions, and handles the details with payers to keep the billing process smooth for patients and providers. Healthpro is located in Ohio and has a toll free number for billing.

Healthpro Medical Billing

Healthpro started our billing on Jan 1, 2018.

There is a toll free line dedicated to answering your questions at 1-866-223-6316.

Website: https://pay.instamed.com/cvillepath

You must have billing statement to use the website for payment.

Hours of Operation: Monday -Friday 8am -5pm EST

PO Box 480

Lima, OH 45802

Even though we contract with a billing organization, we are more than happy to work directly with patients who have questions, needs, or concerns. Noel Jorgensen, our client representative, can offer assistance when questions develop and can be reached through email at and telephone at 434-654-5525